We have seen many cases of withheld result and many out of the affected candidate have no clear idea and knowledge as to why their result was withhold by the exam body.
As a result of this, we conducted a little research and we have short-listed some possible causes and also a way to ensure your result is released as at when due.

1). Copy Paste: one of the rules that govern the exam body clearly frown at the habit of partnership in examination.
It’s not advisable to copy from the person sitting close or far away from you.
Writing this same word and answer may lead to serious
problem and may result to withheld the result.

2) Double handwriting : a little notice of any change in your
Answer booklet is an automatic violation of the rule laid by
waec. Never give your Answer booklet to anyone to assist you to write anything and you should also ensure to maintain the same pattern of handwriting to save your self from trouble.
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3) Cheating: cheating in the exam hall is the biggest offence any student can commit.
Any candidate that is caught with an authorised material in the exam hall will definitely rewrite the exam.
It’s against the rule and cheat is greatly condemn. Cheating may lead to partial or complete cancellation of
result. Stay Away from cheating.

4) Rude behaviour and good conduct :
many candidate result was withheld for lack of good conduct and behaviour.
No student, teacher have the right to behave rude to any official staff of the exam body.
The staff should be respected in all ramifications.
A single look at your exam registration number may lead to problem if you offend any of the exam official.

5. Mass cheating and impersonation :
impersonation is very common in internal exam and if it was discovered that someone was present in your absent, you may never see your result Again.

Lastly any centre that indulge in the habit of Mass cheating is
likely to be hammer by the exam body.
70% or 100% of the student may have their result withhold
by Waec.

Be prayerful, read and be of good conduct